Who we are

Who we are



The story of Partisan Farms has to begin understanding our name. Our company name represents support for both a cause and a group of people related to that cause. Our agenda is focused on bringing light towards the crisis of our homeless problem, as its something that all parties, regardless of affiliation, can agree it is out of control and is in need of dire help. With our farm, we seek to lead by example with the most challenge statistic in homelessness, homeless among veterans.

However our company is so much more than just rehabilitating homeless veterans. It’s also about reducing the impacts of farming on the climate, mitigating the decline of the United States’ agriculture workforce, and accelerating innovation within agriculture. By 2025, Farms across the country will have to evolve their understanding that they are technology company that happens to be harvesting a product from either an animal or plant otherwise we will continue to see consolidation of the entire industry into fewer and fewer hands.


“To accelerate the advent of next generation of farming innovation”

“To inspire moments of optimism & happiness in the lives our most needy and our community”








Our Progress

As of 2019, The below areas are our overall summary of how far along we are from getting this idea off the ground entirely.










Our Wonderful Team

Shirley Wilkinson

Products Manager


Chief Legal Officer

Cecelia Bos

Marketing and Logistics

Zach Albrecht

Robotics & Farm Management System Architect

Investor 2

Orchard Agronomist

Charlie Brown

Veteran – Orchardist




Our Timeline


Zach takes a road trip to Prescott, Arizona during his spring break and has lunch with a homeless Vietnam Veteran.


Zach enlists in the Army for several reasons. One of those reasons was due to the homeless veteran he met.


After completing Basic training in Fort Knox, Kentucky, Zach returns for the fall semester, graduates early, and immediately goes to Advanced Training in Fort Bliss Texas. During this time, Zach spends most of his weekends helping homeless veterans in El Paso by giving shoes, clothes, transport, and food to men and women he finds.


Zach is deployed in Iraq. During this time, Zach begins experiencing depression and anxiety. Begins to understand what the Homeless Vietnam Veteran he met was dealing with.


After taking a trip to Europe, Zach inspired by espalier fruit trees begins collecting research materials across the world.


Zach hits rock bottom. Loses his wife, friendships with friends suffer, and distances/isolates himself from family.


Encouraged by his close friend Jeff Burns, Zach takes up his mission to continue building the robotics system. While in New Zealand, Zach finds inner peace and self-happiness during his time in Te Anau, New Zealand. In July, Zach builds his first prototype robotics system in his backyard. August, Zach begins picking up where he left off with helping the homeless veterans but does so privately.


Zach completed obtaining his research after visiting Novosibirsk, Russia and starts engineering a new method building on the strengths of every system he found. Zach starts researching computer vision systems. Due to limitations of software and hardware, this was shelved.


After tinkering with a raspberry pi 3, Zach successfully develops version 1 of his camera vision system data-set.  Successfully detects Aphids. Zach begins looking for land to buy to build his farm.


Zach identifies 3 properties he wants to obtain and begins to negotiate. Zach takes a pause to celebrate the birth of his first born son.


Partisan Farms Homestead is established

May 2018 – 13 acres of mixed woodland and farmland was purchased to establish the Partisan Farms farmstead. Over the following few months, work was done to prepare the structures that would be built on it.

Zach temporarily paused work to celebrate the birth of his second son.


Farm acquired its Angel Investor

Partisan Farms acquired their first investor who shared Zach’s vision.

Zach begins making public his outreach missions he’s been doing. A variety of organizations Zach has worked with in the past joins to help on future missions in late 2019 into 2020.

Zach is introduced to a board member & Vietnam Veteran for the Veteran’s Village in Appleton through his ties with Werner Electric. Tom W. agrees with Zach’s vision and begins mentoring him.

Zach finalizes Prototype 2.0 of his robotics design.

Ryan G., a former battle buddy from Iraq, joins Zach’s team. Ryan begins working on marketing strategy.