Veteran Survival Pack – Etched Dog Tag


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There is two parts to this product. Please carefully read the contents of this product to understand deliverable.

This is an optimized pack of over a dozen, handpicked goods that cover immediate critical needs of a homeless veteran. 100% of the proceeds from this pack are used to do monthly outreach missions and to build our rehabilitation program.

All of the contents are purposely chosen to ensure they cannot enable an addicted veteran to trade for cash, alcohol, or narcotics.

1.) Extra Large Travel Backpack
2.) 1 large water bottle
3.) 12 pounds of variety non-perishable foods. This includes soup, protein bars,
4.) 1 first aid kit.
5.) 1 hygiene kit.
7.) 1 over sized poncho for temperate areas or a cold weather coat in snowy areas of our country.
8.) 1 Blanket. Can be used with the poncho in fringe areas that get minimal snow.
9.) 2 packs of baby wipes
10.) 3 $25 non-refundable gift cards for Walmart or a prominent franchise store in the area, McDonald’s, and the YMCA or local GYM with showers
11.) 1 Laundry bag
12.) 1 rope kit. Can be used to build a temporary shelter with the over sized poncho
13.) Cold weather hat and gloves
14.) 1 Laminated map & resources pages of local resources that can help them to find shelter, employment, clean water, showers, and other services critical to getting back on their feet.

With homeless veterans, a handwritten letter of encouragement from a stranger can go a long ways in getting them back on the right path. If you’d like to write a letter, please email us your purchase order and let us know you’ll be sending us that letter. You may also opt to have your name in the credits of the next mission if you do so choose.

To recognize the good deed you are permitting, you will receive is a pair of laser etched dog tag of the homeless Veteran’s Name and city. The second dog tag is a bottle opener with the Partisan Farms Logo.


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